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What is it?

Keeping up with new and future standards

NB-IoT (or Narrowband Internet of Things) is an evolution of the already known IoT radio technology standard aiming to reserve a specific frequency and provide a stable, global availability mainly for a wide range of cellular devices. 

Networks, in general, are being moved around to different frequencies to free up space for other frequencies. Prime examples of this fact are the 2G and 3G networks,  which are slowly being switched off and replaced by other standards globally for several reasons, such as diversification and suitability of its currently "occupied" frequency. 

This, of course, poses several threats to producers and consumers alike. It is up to the producer to keep up with the latest, future-proof standards and supporting hardware. On the one hand, the producer's products cease to provide their functional advantages (for example remote communication) and on the other hand, the consumers will be outraged upon the discovery of their valued products not functioning a few years later. 

The abovementioned reasons are why we conduct market research, attend on-topic seminars, educate ourselves and hand-pick the best available hardware and service providers on the global market. 

To put it simply: We aim to provide our customers with up-to-date technology, solutions optimized for industry-specific applications and user-friendly experience.