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CaraControl Wireless Gas Measurement System

MariControl Wireless Gas Measurement System provides an accurate picture of up to two 300mm gas bottles content in your craft. It is designed to measure various bottle types, including composites.Robust and shock resistant design of the measuring pads is a guarantee of long-lasting durability also on rough terrain. The mounting height of only 35 mm between the base and bottle's bearing surface allows swift and easy installation even in confined spaces.Wireless communication between the measuring pad and the control panel provides comfortable use and set-up. The durability of replaceable batteries during standard use is up to 2 years.

Additional features include a sudden or slow gas leak detection followed by acoustic alarm and an easy-to-use menu for selecting the type of gas bottle and mixtures. Measurement accuracy is 3% up to 6° of horizontal tilt and any excess values are indicated by the integrated inclination sensor. Measuring pad is also endowed with a temperature sensor that draws attention to ineffective filling evaporation caused by low temperature. Pads can also be connected to MariControl onboard unit with values displayed remotely on smartphone or tablet. The gas pad is based on low voltage power supply which makes it safe for operation outdoors and in explosive environments.

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